Voicemail Transcription

How Voicemail Transcription Benefits Businesses around the world?

Voicemail Transcription is a service that can improve the lives of people in different walks of life. Accountants, Doctors at hospitals, toll free numbers or any other type of business relying on voicemail to record information from customers will find Voicemail transcription useful. But at the same time considering the sensitivity of the data, a secure, confidential and professional firm is required to carry out your voicemail transcription.

Pztech provides high quality and accurate voicemail transcription securely in fast turnaround time. Pztech transcription experts have been supporting a number of businesses and organizations alike for many months now. Here are five reasons why Pztech Voicemail Transcription can help your business.

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What We Do? Providing exemplary services with a host of benefits for our dearest customers


    Pztech values your trust and provides NDAs on request. We adhere to the strictest policies on confidentiality.


    Our services are affordable to all we charge a flat rate of $0.99/min for exceptional quality services.


    We provide you totally secure transactions. The highest safeguarding measures ensure your files are fully secure.


    Our seasoned experts provide High Quality Services that is ISO certified, thereby maintaining accuracy rates at 98%.


    Our talented and highly educated experts handle all our services, the outputs not surprisingly are 98% accurate.


    Customers with high volumes of work can save on costs and time with our bulk order discounts.



Voicemail Transcription Saves Time

An important client calls your company and reaches the voicemail, if you do not have the voicemail transcription service of Pztech you would have to press 1, listen to the voicemail from the beginning and if you have doubts you would have to listen to the audio repeatedly until you do understand the full statement. In another case consider you get a personal call, there are times when you would see the call but will not listen to the voicemail. But if you have the services of Pztech voicemail services then it will be extremely easy and time saving to go through your voicemail.

Voicemail Transcription makes the process of seamless, at any point of time you could open your email, read your voicemail which has been transcribed and mailed to your inbox. Pztech guarantee’s 98% accuracy in their transcription, moreover they transcribe over 50 languages. Pztech voicemail transcription also comes in rush and super rush turnaround times depending on the urgency of the tasks. If you are a new customer and you would like to have Pztech voicemail transcription services, log on to Pztech website to get your free 5 min trial.


Voicemail Transcription Lends Flexibility

Pztech voicemail transcription lets you receive your voicemail on the go, now voicemail transcription enables you to read your voicemail from your email even if you are in an important meeting. Usually employees completely detest taking business calls while they are out of their office, so if they leave important calls to voicemail they would be notified of the contents of the voicemail immediately. Pztech is comfortable transcribing high volumes of voice mail. In addition, Pztech voicemail transcription service is secure and they do not in any way compromise your personal data and information.

Despite being able to transcribe over 50 languages, the charges for the voicemail transcription services flat rate at $0.99/min. Customers living in the US,UK and Australia can call the toll free number that is available for them throughout the day all through the week. If you are residing outside of the US, UK, Australia and would like to use the Voicemail Transcription service of Pztech you could always take the call back option that Pztech provides or you could always log into Pztech website and chat with a customer service representative.

Voicemail Transcription lets you Prioritize

Voicemail Transcription is ideal for a business that receives numerous voice messages from a different people and sometimes hence it is difficult to sort the calls based on importance. There will be times when you have listened to too many voice messages and cannot remember which the most important call was. But with the Voicemail Transcription all the voice mail that you have received will be forwarded to your email, hence it would be a lot easier to sort through the voicemail once it is transcribed and it would be effortless to find the most important message and reply to it.

Pztech caters to bulk voicemail transcription orders. They guarantee that all your voicemail transcription will be delivered in super fast turnaround time and will be at all points of times at least 98% accurate. The rates for voicemail transcription will be a bit higher for foreign languages, but the flat rate at a meager $0.99/minute . Log on to Pztech website to chat with their customer service representative. If you require the voicemail transcription services you could always upload your content on Pztech website to get a free quote.

Voicemail Transcription Simplifies your Business

Instead of reading your voicemail all the time, voicemail transcription save you the time to talk to clients and do some work rather than concentrate on listening to your voicemails. Moreover, there would not be situation where you have to pause important calls in order to listen to your voice mail. With Pztech voicemail transcription service, a fleeting look at your email can help you assess the importance of the voicemail and also quickly know the contents. Now, you would be able to read your voicemail on multiple platforms where ever you go.

One can also import all the Voicemail Transcription’s into the CRM software in order to have a quick track of all conversations with the client. Once the Voicemail has been transcribed it would also be extremely easy to search for particular conversations through keywords. Moreover, you can also easily forward important parts of the transcribed voicemail to team mates and other employees in the loop.

Pztech Provides Cheap and reliable Voicemail Transcription.

Pztech has now started to provide voicemail transcription in over 50 languages. They promise that the transcribed text would be delivered in Fast Turnaround time at 98% accuracy. Customers have an option of choosing one of two types of turnaround times, called rush and super rush turnaround times, depending on the urgency of the tasks. Pztech has been hailed by customers in the past as reliable and extremely affordable, they have a flat rate of $0.99/minute .

Moreover, all new customers get a free 5 minute trial to test out Pztech services. The procedure to get a quote is simple, customers need only upload the files to receive a quote. Payment can be made through Pztech website. If your business requires bulk voicemail transcription services please visit Pztech website for more details.


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