Verbatim Transcription

A verbatim transcription involves a word by word conversion of the speech into a text such that the message captured is exactly the same as spoken. Many a times, in situations like court hearings, sermons, interviews, corporate meetings and more, there is a need to transcribe the speech as it is. It is wise to have a transcribed copy of the spoken word for future reference and to avoid unnecessary confusions.

With so many transcription services available in the market, it is necessary to select a service that can meet our needs and suit our budget. Pztech is one of the leading transcription companies with a network of professional transcriptionists with rich experience in transcription.

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What We Do? Provide exemplary services with a host of benefits for our dearest customers


    Pztech values your trust and provides NDAs on request. We adhere to the strictest policies on confidentiality.


    Our services are very affordable. We charge a flat rate of $0.99/min for ISO accredited services.


    We provide you totally secure transactions. The highest safeguarding measures ensure your files are fully secure.


    Our seasoned experts provide High Quality Services that are ISO certified, thereby maintaining accuracy rates at 98%.


    Our talented and highly educated experts handle all our services the outputs not surprisingly are 98% accurate.


    Customers with high volumes of work can save money and time with our bulk order discounts.



All our professionals are certified and handle every transcription with care. All our transcribed files are verified twice, proof-read, to ensure that the accuracy is at least 98%. We don’t have any hidden charges for any service and we maintain transparent pricing for all the services. Our transcribers are from various fields like academic, legal, insurance, government, engineering and more to ensure all sorts of people are served clearly.

In today’s globalized world, every video and audio can be easily shared across the globe as a part of knowledge transition, business deals, research studies and more. In such situations, because of the language barrier and cultural differences, the purpose of sharing audio and video is not fully met. Verbatim transcription will be a best guide in these situations as it gives the listener and audience a handbook of everything that is said in the recordings.


Pztech is a complete transcription service company with services ranging across academic, corporate, sermon, conference call, focus group, and investigation. We are the preferred vendor for many corporates, academic institutions and investigation agencies. You can have a look at our website to see the client testimonials about us before you take a call. We provide excellent transcription with uncompromising quality.

Sermon Transcription

Sermon is an oration of religious moral. When a clergy addresses a biblical, theological, religious topic to people, they have to teach their religious doctrines and rituals such that the people follow that in future. In order to make sure that people in every level should understand these sermons, these are transcribed to their native language. Pztech is one of the best transcription companies dealing with sermon transcription in more than 50 languages around the globe.

Lecture Transcription

A student’s academic success relies on his relevant background knowledge about the subject, listening ability and note-taking skills. Non-native students with different cultural background and educational system have much difficulty in listening to a lecture and understand the concepts. Reading the transcripts of the lectures would be easier for the students to review the subject.

As per statisticians, reading the lecture doubles one’s understanding than listening to it. Moreover whatever students observe in a lecture hall will be in their short term memory. Recalling them and retaining it for a long will definitely be possible only with constant reading. So it is necessary for students to have a transcribed copy of the lectures for reading and references for future point of time. Pztech provides professional lecture transcriptions at an affordable rate to help both students and professors.

Focus Group and Conference Call Transcription

In focus group many people will be interviewed to know their perceptions, opinions, beliefs towards an idea, product or concept. All these interviews will generally be recorded as an audio file, it is necessary to transcribe these audio files into text for qualitative research analysis. Our experts are trained to understand the granular details of the interviews and transcribe it to a text format which can be used to arrive at a solution. Pztech uses the latest digital equipments to hear the intricate details of the videos and audios.

Research scholars can use our advanced transcription services, for market research, analytics, analysis, patterns and more. With our conference call transcription, even if you missed to join a conference, you can get the full details of the discussion in a transcribed format.

Investigation Transcription

Tracing the phone call discussions to find the thread of the incident is a tedious task for any criminal investigation agency or the Police. Due to the number of people in the discussions, the different accents and dialects, a regular transcription may give only futile results. With Pztech’s advanced true transcription, every word said is transcribed along with the body language and every sound uttered.

How to get the service from us

Our technical support team is robust and supports 24/7 to help you all year around. You can reach us easily by giving a call to our toll free number 1-888-535-5668. Our experts are available online and are ready to answer all the queries about our services.

You can receive all assistance regarding any technical issues, service queries, pricing and any questions on our model. With our call back option, you can register your mobile number to get a call from us. Get a free quote now, by simply uploading your files. We support all file formats. With Pztech, you can simply upload your files and pay online. You can choose any of our payment methods like credit card, debit card or pay pal. After confirmation of payment, all your transcriptions will be sent back to the registered e-mail id within a few hours.

Our Features

Pztech transcription services come with excellent offers and discounts. Our at a flat rate of $0.99 /min . We make our rate clearly known to our customers before the project is started. Our low costs enable the students, academic institutions to use our service as the preferred one. We conform to international standards and ensure you complete confidentiality. We will also provide a Non disclosure agreement if need be. We maintain high security measures to ensure your data is fully secure. In case of bulk orders, we offer bulk discounts. We are one of the few companies with fast TAT. We provide Rush and Super Rush services to meet your business deadlines.


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