Podcast Transcription

Podcasts may seem to be synonymous to Apple products only, but that’s not the real case, for podcasts are used not only by Apple users, but by almost everyone now, regardless of the computer or phone they are using.

Podcasts are audio files that you can download to your mobile devices or computers, and listen to anytime.

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What We Do? Provide exemplary services with a host of benefits for our dearest customers


    Pztech values your trust and provides NDAs on request. We adhere to the strictest policies on confidentiality.


    Our services are very affordable. We charge a flat rate of $0.99/min for exceptional quality services.


    We provide you totally secure transactions. The highest safeguarding measures ensure your files are fully secure.


    Our seasoned experts provide High Quality Services, that are ISO certified, thereby maintaining accuracy rates at 98%.


    Our talented and highly educated experts handle all our services the outputs not surprisingly are 98% accurate.


    Customers with high volumes of work can save on costs and time with our bulk order discounts.



The Importance of Podcast Transcription Services

We need to review information constantly to understand any content thoroughly. Hence we need help from our present-day technology. Thanks to podcasts, we can make this happen.


Through podcast transcription, you can simply download information into your phone or laptop and review them over and over easily.


Podcasts have really come a long way from the once music-only podcasts available before. Now there are numerous possibilities using podcast technology. Today, there are podcasts with entire lectures that you can listen to at your own convenience.


You don’t need several tedious processes to get a transcript instead what you need is just a phone, a tablet, or a laptop. Podcast transcriptions help make your life easier.


Who needs podcast transcription services?

Podcast transcription is made to cater to everyone’s needs, especially those who have a very busy schedule. Podcasts can greatly maximize your efficiency as e you can listen to it, anytime and anywhere. Portability is one of the main advantages that podcasts have. Listening to the information that you need is simple , thanks to podcast transcription.


How to get service from us?

Availing the service from us is simpler than ever, as we take into consideration the comfort and ease of our clients. The first step is to upload your files , get a quote, pay for the service online, and finally receive the podcasts in your e-mail.


List of Services

We also offer Digital Transcription, and MP3 transcription. We use the latest technology to provide excellent podcast transcription services. To maximize our efficiency we incorporated Digital Transcription and MP3 Transcription, as the two can work hand in hand to give the best of podcast transcriptions.


Our Company’s Features

Fast Turn around Time

Our company believes in the saying that “Time is gold”, and we know the importance of time. Through this ideology, we feature a fast Turn-around Time, which will create the output quickly, while maintaining a high level of quality. We don’t want you to wait in vain. We treat our customers as very important assets to the overall welfare of our company and you, our valued clients. We offer rush and super-rush turn-around times, which will give you the podcast outputs super fast.


List of languages

Virtually ALL LANGUAGES around the globe are supported in all our transcription and translation services. CHOOSE your desired language, and you can be sure our adept linguist or native speaker will begin the translation process right away.


Confidentiality (Non-disclosure Agreements)

Once you avail our services, your information is in safe hands, for we have Non-disclosure agreements. Audio / video files will be kept in a very secure location. We believe that privacy and security are very much crucial to our company’s reputation, and so we build on this fundament.



Our podcast transcription services are one of the most cost-efficient in the market. Prices are kept affordable, at a flat rate of $0.99/minute . We provide high quality work, thanks to our experienced workforces, who work passionately 24/7 to cater to your podcast transcription needs.



We maintain 98% accuracy as we are a competitive company that offers podcast transcription services. Accuracy is very important especially when you are reviewing various discussions, lectures, and more through podcasts.


Supports all languages

We understand that language must be accessible to all of our valued clients, which is why we offer podcast transcriptions in all languages. Hence people from the world over can avail our podcast transcription services.


24/7 Service

We have a 24/7 service, wherein our valued clients can avail our podcast transcription services, at their convenient time. Convenience is an important factor that we incorporate in our system.


Additional Features

Free Trial

Our company offers a 5 minute free trial to our new customers, for them to try our services for free. We first need to be sure on where we spend our money, which is why we offer a 5 minute free trial. We assure you that you will have no regrets trying out our transcription services.


Bulk Orders

We ensure that our processes are systematic and efficient, hence provide bulk orders for high volumes.


Affordable. Fast. 98% Accuracy.