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Pztech Court transcription services: proven to suit your legal needs.
Court transcription entails expertise in terminology, a considerable knowledge and experience with legal matters and proceedings, and a solid experience of doing transcription services accurately and professionally. In our team of highly qualified legal transcriptionists at Pztech, lies our competitive advantage which we take pride in. This asset, combined with a proprietary technology allows us to serve you with delicate precision to detail, and at unsurpassed turnaround time in the market.

We provide court transcription services to leading law firms, attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals around the globe. Our court transcription team at Pztech, utilizes a highly efficient system with advanced techniques in the review process. Likewise, we are mindful of the value and privacy of every material entrusted to us. This effective blend of human talent and technology has ensured top ranking accuracy, confidentiality(NDAs), and security-- which is a rightful reputation we have sustained through the years.

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What We Do? Provide exemplary services with a host of benefits for our dearest customers


    Pztech values your trust and provides NDAs on request. We adhere to the strictest policies on confidentiality.


    Our services are very affordable. We charge a flat rate of $0.99/min for exceptional quality services.


    We provide you totally secure transactions. The highest safeguarding measures ensure your files are fully secure.


    Our seasoned experts provide High Quality Services, that are ISO certified, thereby maintaining accuracy rates at 98%.


    Our talented and highly educated experts handle all our services the outputs not surprisingly are 98% accurate.


    Customers with high volumes of work can save on costs and time with our bulk order discounts.



Who need it?

We provide reliable court transcription and related legal document services to law firms and individual or business organizations involved in legal disputes, attorneys, paralegals, legal professionals, police authorities, magistrates, courts, etc.


Your technical and legal specifications are our primary consideration and priority in accomplishing transcripts and documents you have assigned to us. Whatever sector of society you represent, or with the variety of circumstances you are in (whether in criminal investigations or corporate negotiations), we can surely assist you with every important step until completion of your transcripts.


Pztech has served leading law firms, legal departments, administrative offices, courts, individual practitioners and organizations all over the globe since its inception year. As a transcription company, it has earned its solid reputation of providing trustworthy services and unparalleled results. Clients testify to the outstanding ability of the Pztech team in providing unique solutions to every challenge they have experienced in terms of legal documentation, transcription, translation, and especially in meeting the tough project deadlines.


How to get our services?

Our court transcription services and detailed processes commence immediately after you press that upload button.
You can also CONTACT US for additional concerns, or to monitor the progress of your tasks 24/7. Our customer support team is ready to assist you from start to finish.

UPLOAD your files and RECEIVE a quote.

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RECEIVE your completed transcript through e-mail.


Our Features

Confidential and Secure transcription - Client and information privacy are top priorities in all our business dealings and services. We maintain strict standards, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, personnel guidelines, and effective measures to ensure complete privacy and safety for your data, materials and private domains.

Cost-effective - Transcription services that are of the highest quality and lowest pricing, are our competitive advantage. We offer you the most economical alternatives that this industry has to offer, because we believe in genuine service that will keep our loyal clients happy.

We have a highly competent team of seasoned and trained legal transcriptionists, adept and dedicated to provide you error-proof outputs that you deserve. An even more experienced team of editors, copyreaders, and project managers are most qualified at perfecting the review process. The quality of results from our Pztech team has been tested and proven time and again.

Leading technology - Pztech has invested in its proprietary transcription technology that makes workflows speedy and efficient, to better cater to a growing market of clients. The perfect blend of manual and non-manual workforce ensures technical and legally sound transcripts.

Premium quality - We consistently uphold the highest standards in all our services and processes; and aim at producing top quality outputs, every single time. This way we are able to keep the trust and confidence of clients, in all parts of the world.


List of services

We provide court transcription and other legally relevant transcription and translation services, including:

Law transcription, Court hearing transcription, Arbitration hearing transcription, Administrative hearing transcription, Interrogations, Memorandum, Public hearings, Depositions, Police interviews, Affidavits, Legal audio dictation, Court reportings, Record of interviews


List of languages

We support ALL WORLD LANGUAGES in transcription and translation related services for all your legal documents. You can also browse through our list of POPULAR languages used for court and legal transcriptions.



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