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    What We Do? Provide exemplary services with a host of benefits for our dearest customers


      Pztech values your trust and provides NDAs on request. We adhere to the strictest policies on confidentiality.


      Our services are very affordable. We charged a flat rate of $0.99/min for exceptional quality services.

    • SECURE

      We provide you totally secure transactions. The highest safeguarding measures ensure your files are fully secure.


      Our seasoned experts provide High Quality Services that are ISO certified, thereby maintaining accuracy rates at 98%.


      Our talented and highly educated experts handle all our services, the outputs not surprisingly are 98% accurate.


      Customers with high volumes of work can save on costs and time with our bulk order discounts.



    An online chat with a customer service representative will assist you real time about the process of uploading files and receiving quotation, paying online and getting the transcription via email. A free quotation awaits anyone who wants to avail our services. You can call us on our toll free numbers, if you are from US : 1-888-535-5668, UK : 0-808-238-0078 or AUS : 1-800-357-380 .

    Pztech services can provide all your transaction needs. Awarded with an ISO certificate, we provide competitive transcription services suited for any situation or demands. Equipped with easy to use online interface where you can inquire, add and receive your specific transcription jobs fitted to your needs. Pztech services can flexibly adapt and adjust to the time demands of the clients without hampering excellence. This is because we hire qualified professional individuals to be part of our vibrant team.

    Quick Overview of What Transcription Is

    Transcription is the process of converting speech or important conversations that could either be live or recorded, into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are often provided and done for the purposes of business such as important meetings, that have to be transcribed into a printed document. Another is for legal documentations most especially during court hearings, where the proceedings, such as criminal trials mostly made by a court reporter were recorded through transcription. There are two methods of transcription. First is the dictation typing, where the correspondence and reports are being transcribed by a single person dictating in a live or recorded audio. Whereas for the second method called interview transcription, there are two or more people dictating the speech or communications.

    Why Do We Need Transcription Services?

    In the past, transcription was needed for documentation of important conversations or speeches. This was to preserve important information that, if needed, can be reviewed immediately. During the 1960’s to 1970’s, transcription was one of the most difficult and challenging jobs because of the unavailability of cassettes or voice recorders. Transcribers had to learn shorthand writing in order to transcribe every information or words in a conversation or speech. This method lessens the accuracy and the quality of the transcription.

    However, with the invention of portable voice recorders and other gadgets, transcription became more accurate and the demands for transcribers have increased dramatically and they make the job a lot more easier. That is why many businesses and offices have been hiring transcription services to accomplish this task.


    Benefits of Hiring Transcription Services

    Transcription is needed, for example, in businesses, it is vital in maintaining incessant and smooth business functions and operations. Listed below are some of the benefits of having a transcription service provider in order to assure the accuracy and quality of the transcript.

    Transcription prevents future disputes or lawsuits. Business transactions most especially contracts and agreements should be properly documented. This avoids misinterpretation or misunderstanding on the agreed obligations of different parties.

    Accurate transcriptions help to record all important details. This will also serve as documents for future references that will save precious time from discussing and debating about endless trivial issues.

    For re-purposing documented decisions or conversations. Transcription is not limited to businesses only. The flexibility of the transcripts can be reproduced into manuals, workbooks, lectures or digital contents such as podcasts and ebooks.

    Transcription as accurate documentation of letters and reports. This offers a hassle free record on the letters and reports sent to clients, customers, or stakeholders.

    Transcription as an aid in business planning, strategy making and product creation and design.


    Do You Need This Kind Of Service?

    Are you part of a business or office that’s having difficulties in documentation of plans and meetings? Are you a lawyer? Or are you running a law office that needs accurate and complete transcript of different court proceedings? If you are a politician or a well known personality, wanting to document all your speeches, or a student who is seriously into learning and studying his or her professor’s lecture and wants it to be documented for references in order to ace in a class. Well, there’s no doubt about it. You need this kind of service to solve your problems.



    Diverse Choices for Your Transcription Needs

    Pztech Service provides a wide array of services. Choose below what will meet your needs.

    Audio Transcription services - Is the general type of transmission where an audio is being transcribed, may it be any form of a recorded or live audio.

    Interview Transcription Services - Transcription of the conversation or decisions and agreements made by two or more people, commonly in researches, documentaries or school projects.

    Business Transcription Services - Transcription on conversations on business meetings and business correspondence in order to document important business transactions.

    Voice mail Transcription Services - Transcription services from saved voice mail data in phones. These are recordings of phone conversations or voicemail messages that needed to be transcribed.

    YouTube Audio Transcription Services - Transcribing audio from videos uploaded in YouTube. This is made if the quality of audio of the YouTube video is poor or just to transcribe the audio for documentation.

    Digital Transcription Services - Transcription services for audio saved in mp3, mp4, wma or digital formats.

    Verbatim Transcription - This is transcribing all the words or sounds in a video - audio file. This is a transcription that needs superior listening skills because of its word by word demand in transcribing.



    Affordable. Fast. 98% Accuracy.