Engineer and seminar participant

The Problem: Engineer Gregory and his colleagues participated in a conference with multiple on-going lectures. They had to separately attend a different discourse, and record the discussions through their mobile device. Later on they all wanted to properly collate and document the outputs in written form for reference in their work.

The Solution: With an internet access, they easily found Pztech services, after screening through a few reviews, and availed of the low cost package offered. They were all satisfied as a group and were especially happy with the error-free outputs. They were able to find a solution which aided them in maximizing their learning during the Safety workshop.

The Recommendation: “Yes, everything they say in the reviews and in the website are reliable. You get commendable output even for difficult to convert recordings where there are instances when the background noise is quite loud. I wonder how they do that. I think the technology they use is awesome. I and my friends agree, it was a good choice we made.”

Audit reports meet the deadlines with Pztech services

“I work as an auditor and finance manager for a multinational company. Because my function requires a lot of traveling by plane, I really lack good sleep. Sometimes I have this embarrassing quirk about my job where I fall asleep while doing teleconference with my counterparts from different parts of the globe. I literally doze off and my colleagues continue with the meeting, thinking and speaking out loud that I must have encountered a technical problem. This has happened two times so far. Thanks to this reliable transcription company I know, Pztech, I can still accomplish my reports in no time with a little help with audio to text conversion.” K. Athery, CIA; working for a multinational company.


Accountant and finance manager

The Problem: Ms. Athery missed two sessions of her important teleconference meetings because she unfortunately was too exhausted to stay awake. Fortunately, her computer connection was still working, together with her video camera that was preset to record the proceedings of the teleconference.

The Solution: Ms. Athery used the video format from her webcam and requested for transcription services from Pztech. She had the work done as rush, and within her specified time, got the output easily. With this valuable assistance from Pztech, where the output she got was accurate, maintained secure and confidential, she was able to deliver a commendable report and analysis to her boss, on time.

The Recommendation: “I highly recommend this Transcription company (Pztech). They meet rush turnaround times; deliver high volume, high quality, accurate data - as you need it in paper. The service is very economical, and the extra help really saved me from work distress! Thank you. I’m looking forward to availing other services in the future.”


Court Transcription

Pztech and our firm have been working in close partnership, and we are amazed by the quality and efficiency they deliver in projects."Atty. Cynthia Adams, S&Z law office, Dallas Texas. Pztech has partnered with leading law firms around the globe.

"Wow. I was actually amazed with the low pricing and convenience which I experienced from them. I recommended them to my colleagues." - CJ White, Legal officer. CJ has been acquiring transcription services from different companies since 2010. A friend recommended Pztech to her. Since then, she has assigned all her legal projects to the company which she considers by far the most reliable, secure and professional.

“We receive reports fast and efficiently accurate. You can be sure everything is kept confidential, as it should be every time.” –Officer Snead, LAPD. Officer Snead has assigned police interview transcription relating to a criminal investigation.

“We trust Pztech with classified data, and have been working with them for years.”- Jason May, Clerk of Court, Bonnard County. Jason attests to Pztech’ secure and confidential transactions.


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