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Pztech, a seasoned expert, extends transcription, translation, voice-overs, and captioning services in all the languages. You can rest assured as a passionate and experienced team handles your requirements. The results: 98% accuracy and Fast TAT. Competitive prices and ISO approved quality are our trademarks. We serve customers from the world over and have 24/7 Customer Services. We provide highly secure services and also sign NDAs. Special bulk order offers rush and super rush turnaround times available.

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Pztech was envisioned to provide speedy services with perfection and affordable to all. We have been in this business for 18 years. Providing affordable services cutting across language barriers was our primary aim. Focused efforts helped us achieved this feat. Hiring talented people and extensively training them helps meet our world class quality, 98% accuracy, and Fast TAT.


The ISO certification is our proud achievement. Earning customers trust was no challenge with all our special offers. Utilizing modern technology and time-tested methods, along with ethical principles won us loyal customers.





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